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"How To Successfully LIFT Your Incoming Revenue Continually Every Month By Providing Popular Advertising Services For Next To Nothing!"

Looking For A Sure Way To Create EXTRA Revenue To Your Web Site?

You Can't Go Past Our ClassifiedNetworkers.com Hosting Service...
Offer More Quality Advertising Services To Your Site Visitors Today
& Generate a New Income While You're At It!

I t's a fact that over the years that the Internet has been in operation, some things have 'died a natural death' and you don't hear about them any more... But one thing is certain - Advertising will never die! Both free and paid advertising including ClassiFied advertising, is still as popular now as it was in the 90's. Marketing is something that anyone who wants to make money online needs to use at some stage...

ClassiFied-Ads Won't Ever Die... They'll Just Get Even Better!

With the ClassifiedNetworkers.com program, members are able to offer our added-value marketing service, ClassifiedNetworkers.com, from a link on their own web site or via email. ClassifiedNetworkers.com will fit into your existing web site with no effort at all! It even works for those who don't have their own web site yet! So no one has to miss out for any reason.

That's because we're happy to host your new ClassifiedNetworkers.com advertising system for you. This means you won't have to worry about installation, configuration or any technical work at all! The amount of technical expertise required to run our ClassifiedNetworkers.com system? Absolutely zero, None, nada, zilch!

We've Made It Extremely Uncomplicated & Trouble-Free For You To Offer Our Fully Hosted ClassifiedNetworkers.com Services!

All you need to set are the prices to charge your paying members, and that's a quick and easy task. Imagine how it will feel for you to receive your first advertising order or your first paying member to your new ClassifiedNetworkers.com system?

One is all it takes, because when that happens... it's only natural that the exponential effect of affiliate advertising will work in your favour. Just like 'Chinese Whispers', someone will tell their friend, who will tell their associate, who will tell their subscribers and so on... until you have built up a very handy extra income that will be paid straight into your online banking account each month.

WHO Would The ClassifiedNetworkers.com Advertising System Suit?

  • Anyone who understands that online advertising will always be in-demand.

  • Anyone looking to add value to their site visitor's experience.

  • Anyone with an opt-in list who wants to build their subscriber base.

  • Anyone who doesn't have their own web site but still wants to increase their revenue.

  • Anyone who is looking for a low-maintenance system that is simple and straightforward to manage.

  • Anyone who wants to start with a simple, clear-cut member system and build their business quickly.

Let's face it, we do most of the work for you and like we said... ClassifiedNetworkers.com are suitable for practically ANYONE!

WHAT Can ClassifiedNetworkers.com Do For You?

  • Automatically generate fresh leads to offer your opportunities to.

  • Build your list so you have more people to promote to and make more back-end sales from.

  • Give your own opportunities massive exposure.

  • Attract traffic like a magnet!

  • Generate extra income on a regular basis from ClassifiedNetworkers.com advertising orders and affiliate commissions.

  • Generate extra income from the promotions that you send out for affiliate opportunities or your own products and services.

Look we understand that our marketing system may not be for everyone... BUT everyone does need advertising resources and they always will! This isn't just some new idea that will be a dead duck in six months time. Text advertising is still one of the most commonly used and popular methods of advertising today.


You're here reading this page now so you may as well make the most of your visit and gain something positive out of it... Don't just click away to the next site and waste more time there! Taking a positive step is critical if you want to succeed online. You need to take action and now! You can open a free ClassyFieds-Ads hosted account and start attracting traffic to your site immediately.

Free Account Features:

  • Add and remove categories to suit your target audience or include a huge list to suit all niches.

  • Set the top and bottom sponsor ad copy to be included in new member posting notification emails - including your own ads!

  • Your members can post their classified ads free and the system will send them a reminder when they can post again, so they reap the maximum benefit from their account.

  • Access to admin. area with limited functions. (No emailing members or selling banner impressions).

  • Earn $2 commissions for new paid member referrals.


Simply open a paid hosting account and receive the following extra features and benefits to build your business and income quickly:

  • Owners can email users (new leads) from inside the admin. area - great for member updates or promotions alike. Why not combine both?

  • Sell banner impressions for the price you wish!

  • Add your own banners to the rotation so you are promoting your own opportunities.

  • Approve or reject banners that are submitted for advertising.

  • Add and remove categories to suit your target audience or include a huge list to suit all niches.

  • Set the top and bottom sponsor ad copy to be included in new member posting notification emails - including your own ads!

  • Set the prices for top and bottom sponsor banner ads.

  • Offer three payment options. Fully compatible with Paypal, Stormpay and Intgold. How many ways do you want to be paid? It's entirely up to you, but the more payment methods you offer to your members, the higher number of subscriptions you will create!

  • Professional Ad Tracking feature provided for paying advertisers to view the real-time stats of their order.

  • Ability to block ads from ClassifiedNetworkers.com Blaster (when released).

  • Earn $2 commissions for new paid member referrals.

Now how much would you expect to pay for a service like this? We've looked around and compared prices and we can tell you that some places are charging up to $24.95 for hosted classified advertising services! Not at ClassifiedNetworkers.com!

You Can Have All These Features & More For A Teeny $3.95/Month!

That's right. ClassifiedNetworkers.com only charges a measly hosting fee of $3.95/mth. We've made it affordable for the regular internet-user to step up and start a business of their own, albeit hosted with a service company that will support you. But not only that, we're making it even easier to produce more income via affiliate commissions as well.

Who do you know who would think that $3.95 is a lot of money to pay each month for hosting their business? Not many we can assure you!
Because in reality, it's chicken feed! It's the price of a burger at McDonalds (probably even less!) How long do you think it will take for your hosting fee to become self-liquidating? It can be just one sale... Affiliates also have the added benefit of being able to earn 50% commissions by referring new paid members to ClassifiedNetworkers.com. That works out to $2.00 per referral - which could quickly add up to some very nice extra spending money each month!

Plus send Just 300 monthly visitors to your ClassifiedNetworkers.com Site and We'll give you FREE Access and Traffic from the *Almighty* Classifieds Blaster!
(Out Now..)

Imagine when someone offline asks you what you do on the Internet?
Now you'll be able to tell them that you have your own ClassifiedNetworkers.com Marketing System
and you're quietly making a very good extra income with it!

Alright! I've heard enough! I've got $3.95/month to invest in my own business.
Where do I signup?

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